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How do you determine the right partner can provide the software development coverage you need to succeed?

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    Migration and Upgrades

    Migration and upgrade services are essential for businesses moving from another CMS to Magnolia or upgrading their existing Magnolia installation. These services ensure a smooth transition of content and functionalities to the latest version of Magnolia, taking advantage of improved features, security updates, and performance enhancements.

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    Training and Support

    Adopting a new CMS can be challenging for any organization. Development services often include training for content editors, marketers, and developers to get the most out of Magnolia CMS. Ongoing support and maintenance services are also crucial to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure the digital platform remains effective and secure over time.

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    Performance Optimization

    Ensuring that digital platforms are fast, reliable, and scalable is paramount. Magnolia CMS development services include performance optimization, which involves analyzing and tweaking the CMS setup, content delivery, and custom code to improve load times, responsiveness, and the ability to handle traffic spikes.

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    SEO and Accessibility

    Creating content that ranks well in search engines and is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is increasingly important. Development services on Magnolia CMS can help implement SEO best practices and accessibility standards (such as WCAG) to enhance visibility and inclusivity.

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    Content Strategy and Digital Marketing

    Beyond technical development, some service providers offer content strategy and digital marketing services tailored to Magnolia CMS. This includes content modeling, personalization strategies, and integration with digital marketing tools to drive engagement, conversions, and ROI.

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