Deploy a scalable growth engine

Deploy a scalable growth engine

Your needs, your way. At mis, we provide the experience to deliver across a variety of development operational models focused solely on the Magnolia CMS Platform.

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Great software is built by great teams

We help build and manage a team of world-class developers to bring your vision to life. Scale up or out with our experienced engineering teams and forget about the hassles of hiring.

End-to-end development solutions

MIS is a Platinum Certified company of dedicated professionals and architects serving up pure Magnolia CMS implementation, integration, front-end & back-end services, and best-practice consultancy covering the entire digital experience ecosystem.

Supporting the Delivery Lifecycle

Decoupling content management from content presentation allows you to create custom front ends for channels, including web, mobile, and social, using industry-standard frameworks and delivery systems of choice while increasing content consistency and re-use.

Proof of concepts

As the first port of call, proof of concepts helps prospective clients experience the actual value of the Magnolia CMS Platform. Engage MIS to spin up a quick proof-of-concept to support your sales efforts.

Site builds & migrations

With a total cost of ownership providing more value than Sitecore or AEM, our team at MIS has handled some of the largest migrations for companies such as Sanofi, Pingan, and many others.

Custom integrations

While the expansive list of DXPs covers most standards, enterprises have unique requirements that require in-depth knowledge to execute. Our teams have delivered custom solutions for companies including LiviBank, VTC and others.

Key engagement models to deliver continued value

  • Team onboarding alignment
  • Flexibility in resource planning
  • Certified Engineers
  • Presales support
Starting at $380
Hybrid model
Hybrid model

If onsite is a crucial requirement, place our senior architects onsite to ensure continuity and support.

Dedicated team
Dedicated team

To provide the ability to scale, our team-based model ensures alignment with your company. In essence, they become an extension of your team.

* Includes a risk free trial

Engage with MIS through a risk free trial guarantee.

Our onboarding process is provided free of charge for longer-term team engagements. You may cancel the agreement without any penalties; you pay nothing (i.e., no risk for you).

Projects we have engaged with

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Rates in the industry can vary wildly, with every company having their own set of rules that determines its rates. Our operations in Asia provide a unique opportunity for our clients to leverage experienced, certified magnolia solutions experts starting at $380 per day.

Typically, we require NET15 business days on a monthly prorated amount for longer-term engagements. We determine the delivery approach on fixed price vs time and materials models based on the project's needs.

MIS has two locations, with most of our development team working from our Ho Chi Minh City office. 


MISGlobal Pte. Ltd. 


68 Circular Road, 049422, Singapore


Etown Building, 364 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

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